Chain of Responsibility

Ian Wright & Associates can deliver practical and helpful information and ideas for your organisation to consider when formalising a company policy. We have been involved with this regulatory reform since its inception at the NRTC/NTC. Ian has been involved in many of the consultations, workshops and meetings with stakeholders since Chain of Responsibility was first commenced in 1994.

  • Explaining the Chain of Responsibility as found in the Compliance & Enforcement Bill, as it might apply to each and everyone of the various parties in the transport "chain".

  • Contract transport - what to consider and what exposures may exist for "responsible parties"? Who has control and/or may "cause or permit" something to take place?

  • Accountabilities, Codes, Approved Procedures and positive steps that should be considered by carriers, consignors and consignees.

  • Catergories of offences, Mass, Dimensions and Load Restraint requirement. What constitutes minor, substantial or severe classifications for the common offences?

  • Identify reasonable steps and positive issues for your organisation to consider.