General Transport Consultation

Our work is supported by a wide network of industry contacts across associations, suppliers, government, legal, enforcement and operators that enables ready access to a wide range of stakeholder views for data collection assignments.

Background and experience of transport operations that by nature required the highest level of regulatory understanding, including permit loads, dangerous goods, equipment and factory dismantling, cargo consolidation for major development projects and pipeline equipment transport services.

Understanding of a road transport driver's responsibilities and the range of demands that can be made upon them in regards to safe transport operations and responsibilities.

A range of completed task examples covers issues pertaining to:

  • Transport Chain of Responsibility
  • Higher Productivity Vehicles - An industry case study
  • Transport company safety initiative and programs.
  • Development of load restraint training accreditation materials.
  • Livestock volume loading practices.
  • Oversize and Overmass regulation.
  • Various regulatory impact statement data gathering tasks.
  • Transport industry sector cases for regulatory change.
  • Industry consultation on behalf of State Road Agencies and NRTC.