Load Restraint Assessment Services

In many cases transport operators need to have confirmation that current methods and systems will meet the load restraint performance standards. Ian Wright & Associates offers the following:

  • Assessment of present "in-service" methods against the required performance measures.

  • Professionally prepared load restraint assessment report of measures and results found.

  • Preparation of agreed "standard operating procedures" for drivers, for each commodity.

  • Provision of suitable and clear driver training resource materials for specific commodities.

  • Facilitation of any equipment testing via an approved NATA laboratory if required.

  • Independent opinion for accident investigation of possible causes of load restraint failures.


  • All parties will better understand and be aware of their particular responsibilities.

  • Reporting style detail complies with assessment criteria recommended in the Restraint Guide and is usually accepted and acknowledged by State Road Agencies.

  • Clarity of complying procedures and methods for all responsible persons concerned.

  • Certified procedures for the particular commodity is recommended to be carried on the vehicle.

  • Improved staff awareness of risks, equipment serviceability and complying methods.

  • Different methods can be demonstrated with visual load cell measurement read-outs.

  • State Road Agencies and enforcement are more likely to accept a measured method or system.

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